Start Fresh Services has the ability to service Hobart and surrounding suburbs. Start Fresh Services customises each work site needs and tasks as required. Hours of operation range between 4:00am to 10:00pm Monday to Friday. Staffing for each location is also based on the requirements of the customer, this is discussed and monitored on a regular basis to ensure service and quality is maintained.

Service agreement
Ongoing customers enter into a service agreement which outlines the specifics of:

  • Work to be undertaken
  • Pricing
  • Quality control
  • Site inspection which staff complete prior to leaving the site to ensure all tasks are completed
  • Rotation of tasks also allows for workers to inspect each other’s work;
  • Office waste to be removed and disposed in accordance with industry standards
  • Supply of cleaning agents and consumables

One off customers are provided with a quote including agreed tasks
To ensure our clients needs are met to the highest level we provide:

  • Free quotes on all services
  • Online approvals process if desired
  • Dedicated Client Managers to ensure excellent results
  • Photos emailed to you when jobs are completed if required
  • Job completion guarantee

Accreditations, Quality and WH&S

Quality systems and practices

Start Fresh Services management system ensures we address service implementation and continuity, service scheduling, risk management, record management and reporting Being a Not for Profit enterprise of Colony 47 Start Fresh Services has the following accreditations:

  • ISO9001 Cert Body: SGS Cert No: AU99/1163.
  • National Standards for Disability Services: Cert Body: ISC Cert No: DS/R61/1180
  • Code of Conduct for all employees
  • Commonwealth Cleaning Service Guidelines
  • Commitment to Best Practice: incorporated into planning and service delivery through adherence to Colony 47 policies, eg:- Continuous improvement and Corrective Action
  • Compliments and Complaints Policy
  • Internal Audit Procedure
  • Management Review Policy
  • Risk Management Policy
  • Privacy Policy

Workplace Health & Safety

Start Fresh Services works within Colony 47’s workplace health and safety framework. Colony 47 has comprehensive policies, procedures and strategies for the management of workplace health and safety.


Start Fresh Services (as a program of Colony 47 Inc.) is fully insured across

  • Professional Liability Insurance Public Liability
  • Products Liability Insurance
  • Motor Vehicle Insurance
  • Workers Compensation

Compliments and Complaints

Start Fresh Services values customer feedback which gives us the opportunity to review our practices and quality of work. Colony 47 compliments and complaints policy is used for this process.Please refer to the customer service charter for details.201305031 Customer Service Charter.pdf

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