Sustainability is a key value of Start Fresh Services the behaviours of this value are:

  • We minimise our impact on the environment, are efficient with our resources and support moving to a low carbon economy
  • We adopt practices that minimise our carbon footprint. 

Start Fresh Services is constantly reviewing our systems to ensure that we have positive environmental attributes these include strategies in the following;

Cleaning methods

  • Non hazardous cleaning agents are used
  • Micro fibre  cleaning cloths used where applicable to reduce the need for cleaning agents in some instances
  • Wash and sanitise all cleaning cloths

Waste disposal

  • Cardboard recycling
  • Green waste is used in green landfill
  • Wash and reuse cleaning cloths to eliminate the use of single use cleaning cloths
  • Use of biodegradable agents where possible

Energy reduction

  • Use of toilet paper and hand towels made out of recycled paper
  • When leaving a site we check that there are no lights and heaters on or windows left open
  • Wash and reuse cleaning cloths