Who is Start Fresh Services

The key objective of Start Fresh Services is to operate as a viable not for profit business into the future thus giving us the ability to continue to create opportunities for local Tasmanians through meaningful employment.

Start Fresh Services is an Australian Disability Enterprise providing cleaning and maintenance services and is part of Colony 47 Inc. –  a Tasmanian Community Service Organisation that was founded in 1973. Colony 47 offers a wide range of community services in the areas of housing, mental health, youth, family, community and education. Start Fresh Services has been operating as a program of Colony 47 for 10 years.

Start Fresh Services is  a Social Enterprise which has a direct impact on the local community by:

  • Reducing the reliance on Centrelink payments
  • Positive impact with in low socio economic families by demonstrating the value of being employed
  • Recognised skill training which gives employees opportunities for personal growth and employment stability

Start Fresh Services structures its employment strategy to ensure that its social mission is achieved within a robust business model. There are four categories of employment

  1. Open Employment (minimum 4 employees) act as role models, mentors to other employees;
  2. Job Seekers (minimum 4 employees) provides opportunities for long term unemployed, newly arrived and youth to gain employment and training.
  3. Supported Employment (minimum 8 employees) provides opportunities for people with a disability, including mental health issues.
  4. Voluntary Employment (maximum of 5 Humanitarian Entrant) provides opportunities for Humanitarian Entrants to gain experience in cleaning and gardening work while interacting with the local work force. 

Start Fresh Services offer quality services to our customers to ensure we are seen as a premium cleaning and maintenance business. Start Fresh Services needs to be seen as a competitive business rather than a fee for service charity. Having the ISO 9001 and NSDS accreditation will give potential customers the confidence that we can offer high quality work.

Creating opportunities is our mission and training is one area where we have the ability to empower our staff with valuable life skills such as but not limited to:

  • Meeting and reporting with Centrelink;
  • Budgeting
  • Numeracy and literacy
  • Working from complex instructions
  • Trust, learning to trust and being trusted
  • Applying for open employment
  • Resume writing
  • Interview techniques

Staff are encouraged to undertake nationally accredited qualifications which include:

  • Cleaning Operations
  • Horticulture
  • Electrical Test & Tagging
  • White card training
  • Window cleaning
  • Floor strip and seal
  • Chain saw handling

We work with other disability service providers to offer work experience for people who are preparing to become job ready.